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The following day, the Traditional Literature Membership begins planning for their anthology. In later manga chapters, she begins to show zombie-like conduct, although she manages to retain her sense of self. Hōtarō realizes there are, nonetheless, holes in his theory after a cellphone dialog with his sister. Because the thriller is solved, all members go away, but howEru still wonders why she cried at her uncle’s words. He explains that Eru’s uncle and different college students might need to be negotiated with the teachers not to cut the interval of the Tradition Festival quickly and how the price was the uncle’s expulsion from the varsity. She reveals that Eru’s uncle was forced into taking accountability for the college students’ strike from shortening the cultural festival. For that reason, it was not fully of his will that he was expelled.

After it is introduced on the college’s intercom, Eru settles on having hōtarō discern why students who went to a neighborhood stationery store are being called into the employee’s room. When Hōtarō confirms that the nearby bridge is under development, the employees are distraught; the procession was to walk over that bridge. Hōtarō later figures out that the commotion was not because of the category’s trainer’s misunderstanding, how neither Anime Stationery Hōtarō nor Eru can determine why Eru acquired anger throughout the commotion. Having heard Eru’s voice during the class commotion previously, Hōtarō remembers the event and asks Eru what the commotion was about and why she received indignant. At some point, whereas Hōtarō is in class, the class is interrupted by a commotion in one other room down the hall.

Nonetheless, in the evening, he lets his hair down, revealing some interior orange hair, removes his glasses, and turns into a heavy drinker and smoker. However, he gives up smoking and begins consuming lollipops throughout Perception. A heavy drinker, Paiman typically drowns their sorrows and confides approximately its issues to fellow alien and good friend O.D. O.D. possesses the inexperienced Be aware of Destruction NOTE, Hōkai no Nōto. His final want is to call the Traditional Literature Membership anthologies Hyouka, which in its translation to English famous for being a pun on ice cream since his true intention is delivering the message I scream: telling the long-run Basic Literature Club members to be sturdy, as he’s forcibly expelled from the school.