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Aggressive behavior in Oscar is generally exhibited by opening their mouth so far as possible while perusing their gills to appear larger. Please keep a lookout for this behavior when placing your hands in their tank. While they are seldom known to harm their owners in any remarkable capacity a few Oscar fish have demonstrated to develop into competitive when their tank has been washed. To put it simply you will not have a large probability of becoming two Oscar fish that behave equally. As a minimum requirement you need to have a 55gallon tank for the Oscar fish.

Thinking about the tank to home your Oscar needs to be big we would highly suggest purchasing a huge canister filter to maintain the water quality as large as you can. Sometimes too excitable considering the truth many owners have reported their Oscars nearly leaping out of the tanks. They might cat food for weight gain in some instances sting however considering how little their teeth and mouth are this is not considered harmful or severely debilitating. Hopefully after he has got used to you and understands you arent a danger he can take food directly out of your palms or open his mouth and you may drop meals in. The normal Oscar fish cost is about $12 to $20 although costs may vary due to availability and kind of color.

It might function as a natural meal nutritional supplement and bite on your Oscar. My previous Oscar was fed another day. Let us face it many people love seeing our predatory fish consume feeder fish/live foods. Also theres nothing wrong with it provided that the foods arent fed only to get a heavenly joy. When youve got enough distance devote a 75gallon tank or much bigger to your Oscar fish. Purchasing a bigger tank once you purchase them along with a larger tank farther down the street for if theyget bigger is not advised because of their fast growth to maturation. Floating pellets are gradually sinking pellets since left in the tank they will trickle. Slowly sinking pellets are a combo of both and are acceptable for aquariums with numerous fish.