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Kageyama noted that he by no means smiled after they performed together for Kitagawa Daiichi; how notices that Kunimi smiles and even celebrates throughout games in high school; this makes Kageyama feel inferior Oikawa, who seemingly brings out the perfect in everybody. As the primary set continues to play out, Shimada notices how Karasuno has been slowing down in gaining factors that he believes are because of Nekoma’s floor defense. On the bus trip house, Sawamura reveals that Karasuno additionally has a few surprises along with a libero who can alternate the karasuno’s dynamics as a team. This match ended in a tie, so Seirin needed to defeat workforce Kirisaki Daichi to advance. For the apply match towards Nekoma, Shimada is talked into looking at the sport by Takinoue, who stresses that he cannot stay long as he has a supply to make.

Ultimately, Nekoma won the sport and two extra games after. After Nekoma won the primary set, Shimada and Takinoue notice how Hinata is beginning to get blocked by Inuoka extra typically. As Hinata continues to be in a position to use his tremendous quick from any point he wants, Shimada muses how that is such a great weapon for Karasuno. Shimada would share Nekoma’s shock at watching Hinata launch the massive, fast attack. Lastly, the fast assault of Kageyama and Hinata is unveiled on the third point. As Hinata and Kageyama begin trying a unique set, Shimada and Takinoue start to see the ‘lesser noticed’ gamers shine extra. With the second set near ending, Shimada decides to use a bounce float serve.

Within the second set, Shimada shows nice worry when Asahi is blocked by Date’s blockers, but Takinoue factors out that it should not be a shock since they had been able to inform that Asahi would be the one attacking. Figuring out that the Interhigh Tournament is only a week away, Shimada factors out how tough it can be for Yamaguchi to try to be taught it within that time. With Karasuno managing to keep the lead, Shimada does categorical some concern about Date Tech presumably catching Haikyuu Merch up but is relieved when he sees Hinata get a deflection off a spike adopted by Daichi, continuing to be a strong defender. Karasuno was able to get the lead within the score, and Nekoma is known for the first time-out; Shimada takes discovers how Nekoma’s blockers have gathered to 1 facet of the courtroom in what seems to be a stack block formation that’s revealed to be an approach to lure Hinata to one facet for Inuoka to try blocking him.