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Madden NFL 21 is famous for its calamitous launch and for making the #FixMaddenFranchise hashtag trend on social networks. This beloved game mode was one of the main cause of the game’s bad reviews by both players and journalists. The game’s fans felt that the developers had made the mode worse over the years with the worst offender being this year’s entry. This Franchise update will be the last the game receives, and it will affect elements like League History, Trade Logic and Player Value Improvements. For the moment we will only focus on the League History.

The Franchise update makes two major additions with the League History. This new feature will allow you to have an overview of the history of your franchise. The patch notes for this feature are as follow:

  • Revisit the history of your franchise through our new running log of key award winners, conference, and Super Bowl champions on a yearly basis.
  • These records will be located in a single hub with a year filter to see the champions and award winners from previous seasons.

According to the developers, the League History will not apply to already existing franchise progression. It will take effect from the current season and beyond, allowing you to have a log of the future seasons. Additionally, players who are in year four of the Franchise mode will not have data from the previous years. If you create a new game, the League History feature will take effect from the start, recording your seasons as you progress through the game. It is an interesting feature for players who like to keep tabs of their achievements.

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