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Phu Tho Provincial Police Investigation Department reveals the establishment of the high-tech crime prevention and control agency C50, established as a shield company to serve operational requirements in 2011. At that time, Mr. Phan Van Vinh instructed Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hoa to conduct research on this matter. Subsequently, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hoa instructed Mr. Vo Tuan Dung – Head of the C50 Advisory Department to study and complete the procedures for establishing the shield company.

In early September 2011, Mr. Dung instructed his subordinates to draft a document for Mr. Hoa to sign and send to the General Police Department to obtain a license for the establishment of the shield company under this limited liability company model. The document stated that C50 would contribute 20% of its shares (in form). However, nguyen van duong when Mr. Hoa signed and sent it to Mr. Vinh, he omitted the phrase “in form” from the capital contribution content.

During the period of requesting approval for the establishment of the company, Mr. Vinh introduced Duong to meet with Mr. Hoa to establish the shield company for C50. By the end of September 2011, the company was established under the name “CNC High-Tech Security Investment and Development Company Limited,” with Nguyen Van Duong as the chairman of the board.

Not stopping there, Mr. Hoa continued to sign a cooperation agreement with Nguyen Van Duong regarding profit distribution. In the contract signed with Duong, this former director would receive about 20% of the profits from the amount that Nguyen Van Duong earned.

The police did not report and aided the criminal

Continuing the information about who protected Nguyen Van Duong, in early 2015, Phan Sao Nam proposed a collaboration with Nguyen Van Duong to launch the game Rik.Vip. In May 2016, the leadership requested C50 to report on the activities of the CNC company and the collaboration between CNC and VTC Online Company regarding the and game platforms. However, Mr. Vinh did not report or instruct an investigation or verification.

Not only did he fail to report and investigate, but Mr. Vinh also instructed his subordinates to send documents to the Radio and Television Department, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and the Department of Information and Communications. The content of these documents was a request for support for the company under the jurisdiction of the General Police Department, but it was not granted a license due to containing simulations of casino games.