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Halloween is upon us, and with it comes a barrage of spooky-themed merchandise that can only be described as officially frightful. From ghoulish costumes to creepy decorations, it seems that every year retailers go all out to create the ultimate Halloween experience.

This year is no different, and retailers have already started unleashing their spooky merchandise onto the market. From traditional classics like pumpkins and witches to newer pop-culture favorites like Stranger Things and Pennywise from IT, there is something for every Halloween enthusiast.

One of the most popular categories of Halloween merchandise is costumes. Every year, retailers offer a wide range of costumes for children and adults alike. This year, popular costumes include characters from popular movies and TV shows such as Harley Quinn, Stranger Things, and the Joker.

But Halloween isn’t just about costumes–it’s also about decorations. From spooky animatronics that jump out and scare you to eerie lighting and fog machines, retailers go all out to create the ultimate spooky atmosphere.

One popular decoration this year is the inflatable outdoor decoration. These large, often comical inflatables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from Frankenstein’s monster to giant spiders to pumpkins with glowing eyes.

But it’s not just traditional Halloween merchandise that’s proving popular this year. In recent years, retailers have started offering more unique and unconventional items to cater to a wider audience. For example, hot sauce company Heatonist has created a line of hot sauces inspired by horror movies and TV shows, fnaf store including ones themed around The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and even Stranger Things.

Another retailer, BoxLunch, has released a range of spooky merchandise inspired by popular TV shows, including The Office and Friends. These items include themed mugs, tees, and even a Central Perk-themed pumpkin.

It’s not just physical merchandise that’s proving popular this Halloween season. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are also getting in on the action, releasing a slew of horror-themed content to coincide with the holiday. From old-school classics to new releases, there is something for every horror fan.

All this spooky merchandise isn’t just for fun, however. Halloween has become a huge business for retailers, with Americans spending an estimated $9 billion on Halloween-related goods and services in 2019.

In conclusion, Halloween is a time for scares, fun, and officially frightful merchandise. From spooky costumes to eerie decorations, retailers are going all out to create the ultimate Halloween experience for consumers. Whether it’s traditional decorations or unique and unconventional items, there is something for every Halloween enthusiast out there. So, embrace the spooky season and indulge in some frightful merchandise, if you dare.