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Nobody likes seeing the copies of theirs that resemble crossed zebras, however line and streaks on photocopiers can be repairable. Make sure you use appropriate cleaning solutions Mixing diluted Isopropyl Alcohol should be able to work.

Low or excessively used toner cartridges are often the cause of copying quality problems. You can avoid this by using a toner management software that monitors your toner level.


It is imperative to clean the surfaces that touch the copier with an antibacterial cleaning solution. The CDC recommends using a cleaning product that meets the CDC’s guidelines on disinfectants. The most common method is to use the use of a damp cloth in a mixture comprising 70% alcohol isopropyl and 30% water. In order to avoid damage from accidental you should switch off the appliance prior to cleansing.

It’s also a great option to give the inside of the copiers a good cleaning every day, along with the use of a dry, clean cloth. This will help to avoid those annoying jams in the paper caused by particles of dust and debris that have accumulated.

The glass utilized to print can get streaked, smudged, and stained by high levels of dirt and grime accumulation. To help you with this, apply a small amount of glass-cleaning solution on a clean cloth every day and clean it with a soft cloth.


If you see streaks in your prints, this likely means that the film drum and glass units of your photocopier have become dirty. The cleaning of these areas as well as replacing your cartridge is likely to resolve the problem, but If it continues to occur it could be time to seek professional assistance.

If your pages are wrinkled on your presentation, this typically is caused by worn-out rollers or perhaps moisture inside the fuser unit. Clean Thue may photocopy mau the tray for paper and feed rollers. Replace the cartridge for toner. If the copying continues to be insufficiently dark or light look at the density settings. If they’re too high, lowering them. setting too high could fix the issue. If they don’t work, it’s possible that you need a replacement drum unit.

Consumables Replacement

To ensure that there are no unplanned breakdowns each photocopier should be maintained appropriately. While certain chores can be performed by the employees, professional servicing also prevents the possibility of major damage, and also helps increase the longevity of the device.

A copier is an intricate machine, which performs a number of tasks during the entire day. This is the reason it needs the time to cool down between usage. If you make sure that the unit is switched off at the end of the day, and allowing it to start up in the early morning hours before it is needed, it prevents the machine from overheating and increases longevity of the machine.

Also, it is important to keep an check on the availability of consumables including toners as well as ink. It is recommended to only buy top of the line or manufacturer-approved inks and toners to prevent damage to the copier. To prevent damage to the copier it is essential to regularly replace these components and check their performance regularly.

Upgrades to software

A copier does not make any distinction. All equipment requires regular maintenance. If a copier is regularly employed, it is likely to become overheated and the components may be damaged as time passes. This can lead to failures that are not anticipated and even unexpected failures. Checking your health regularly will prevent such a situation and assist you in making the most possible use of your money.

Paper jams are an incredibly common cause of. Paper jams can occur for many reasons, from loading paper in the wrong way or using the wrong size. It is possible to reduce these issues by regularly cleaning the paper rollers of your copier using a non-lint cloth.

There are many steps that can be done to prevent problems with photocopiers but it’s essential to schedule expert maintenance on a regular schedule. Technicians will wash the whole machine and check for problems. It will save you many hours of stress and also avoid costly breakdowns.