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When you are looking out for the right ETF for your portfolio, how will you choose from the thousands available out there? Also, it is almost impossible to keep a check on the etflist at But you do not have to worry. Wondering why? Simply because you can focus on the important information that helps you in matching the right ETFs to your investment objectives. So, here are some of our top tips for you. Do check them out and make the best use of them.

How can you choose the right ETF?

Focus on your investment: first things first. Make sure you pick the right asset class. What are you looking to invest in? bonds, equities, or commodities? If you are unsure about what percentage of your portfolio should be given to each class then you should try and use some strategy to help you to decide. Would you want to capture unique segments of the market or spread your wealth across an asset class? This will depend on the diversification strategy that you use. Also, if you are having issues in deciding how to go about with these investments then you can always get in touch with an experienced agent or investor. They will be in a better position to guide you through this and help you make the right decision with ETF.

The thumb rules of the index: you need to have your index focus sorted as well. So, here are just a few tips that will help you go about with it, and that includes the following:

  • Broad market indices are considered to be the best option for diversification.
  • For a better representation of the market, the market-cap index tracks need to have more equities.
  • If an index has more concentration in a specific country or firm then it is riskier to compare it to a broad index.

What are the selection criteria for ETFs?

The tracking difference: the right ETF would be able todeliver the exact same return as its index. Tracking difference simply means the gap between an ETF’s real-world return and the index’s virtual return. But remember that a good ETF reduces the tracking difference so make the right choice while opting for an ETF.

Liquidity: how efficiently you are able to trade an ETF on the stock exchange option is known as the liquidity. So, the more liquid the ETF is, the more likely you can sell and buy it at a minimum amount. As far as the liquidity factors are concerned, you should know that you should have more market makers and larger fund sizes. Also, the more daily trading volume you have, the better it will be for you!