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By that point, thanks to the success of the casino resort, Las Vegas had not only displaced Reno as the nation’s premiere “sin city” but had become a nationwide trip vacation spot. Whereas People had earlier considered illegal gambling a purely local challenge, following the committee’s televised hearings, they were increasingly conscious that criminal groups with nationwide range profited from illegal (and, allegedly, authorized) gambling.31 Following the publicity generated by the Kefauver Committee, many previously wide-open jurisdictions across the nation which had tolerated technically illegal gambling operations, from city slot routes to posh clandestine casinos, tightened their enforcement of present laws and voted against allowing new forms of gambling. Even a potential Caribbean rival adopted swimsuit as, following the Cuban Revolution, the Fidel Castro-led communist authorities outlawed the nation’s casinos, which had catered primarily to Americans.

Food, beverage, and even entertainment could be run at a loss, thus offering high quality at a decrease value than can be attainable at a non-gaming resort, offering an inducement for informal vacationers to stay-and maybe bet a couple of dollars. Las Vegas was built on a casino resort model predicated on making a “captive audience” of gamblers. Regardless of a revolving door of house owners over its first several years, the El Rancho Vegas was worthwhile sufficient to inspire others to construct on Freeway 91. The Last Frontier (1942) and Flamingo (1946) demonstrated that Hull’s fundamental concept, a self-contained casino resort, could succeed.30 The Thunderbird (1948), Sahara (1950), Desert Inn (1950), and Sands (1952) elaborated on the resort paradigm so that by 1955 when five new casino resorts opened, there was little new to be added to the dummy.

From 1950 to 1951, the Senate’s Special Committee to analyze Organized Crime in Interstate Commerce (popularly recognized as the Kefauver Committee, after its publicity-looking for chair, Estes Kefauver) raised public awareness concerning the alleged links between illegal and legal gambling and organized crime. A large resort lodge with quite a few amenities tied to a gambling casino made good sense in a vacationer destination tons of miles from the rajaqqpro closest major city. For solutions, the maturation and adaptation of the casino resort in Las Vegas from the 1960s using the current and its spread all through the United States present some clues. Closer to the residence, Los Angeles was booming, and the rise of Southern California helped benefit Las Vegas, which established itself as a playground not only for Hollywood royalty but for Angelenos of all stripes.