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The Welsford-Parker Monument in Halifax is the oldest war monument in Canada 1860, and the one Crimean Struggle monument in North America. Acadia was plunged into what some historians have described as a civil war in Acadia from 1640-1645. The conflict was between Port Royal, the place Governor of Acadia Charles de menu d’aulnay de charity became stationed, and gift-day Saint John, New Brunswick, the place Governor of Acadia Charles de Saint-Étienne de la Tour was stationed. Previous to European colonization, the lands encompassing Chris Bumstead Official Merch present-day Nova Scotia, additionally historically referred to as Mi’kma’ki and Acadia, have been inhabited by the Mi’kmaq folks. Within the Scottish Highlands, the standard clan system was ended after the failed Rising of 1745. However, Ommer reveals that the Scottish settlers reconstituted clan settlements in Capbreton, Nova Scotia, that persisted into the early 20th century.